• Features:

    • Increases the presence of your vehicle on the road and parking lots

    • Grabs attention of others with its luxury style

    • Increases the visibility of the road as you step in or out in the dark

    • Available in different colours

    • Suitable for cars, motorcycles and scooters


    • Professional installation recommended - can be installed at any garages

    • Mount the projector lights to the underbody of your car as shown in the pictures

    • Can be connected to the fog lights, headlights or roof lights according to your choice

    • Average installation labor charge - Rs.250 to 300

    Pack Includes:

    • Set of two lights

    • Mounting Screws

    • Wiring Kit

    Product Video:


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  • Ankit

    •   20 July 2019

    Actual light is not as bright as shown in the image. But looks cool at night. My car is grabbing all eyes on the road.


    •   02 August 2019

    The full brightness is only seen during complete darkness. The mechanic charged 250 for fitting here in bangalore. It looks amazing and my car is the talk of the town now


    •   06 August 2019

    Cool stuff, everyone is looking at my car now. - Dilshan (nagpur)

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