Diamond 2K Car Android Music System (11.8 Inches)

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The Diamond 2K 11.8 Android Car Music system is a cutting-edge entertainment system that is designed to enhance the audiovisual experience you enjoy in your car or any other suitable setting. Through its android-based platform, you can access a wide range of video, music, as well as other media content. The huge 11.8-inch amoled display provides an impressive and vivid viewing experience. In addition, it comes with radio capability and an USB interface to connect external devices,

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RADIO - lets you listen to your most loved stations, and to listen to a variety of news, music, and other programs.

USB INTERFACE - allows for seamless connectivity to external devices like usb drives, enabling users to play and access your music collection digitally.

VIDEO - lets you watch your most loved films and videos with its huge amoled display offering a more immersive visual experience.

AUDIO - offers an immersive and clear sound quality which enhances the enjoyment you get from listening regardless of whether you’re listening to music, podcasts, or any other audio-related content.

BLUETOOTH - allows wireless streaming of audio on compatible devices, such as tablets and smartphones, giving easy accessibility to the music collection without cables.

AMOLED - provides sharp and vivid images that enhance the viewing experience while browsing menus, browsing content, or even watching videos.

Pack Includes:

1 x Car Multimedia Player

1 x Power Cable

1 x RCA Input / Output

1 x Rear Camera Input Cable

1 x 4G Module

2 x USB Cables

1 x GPS Antenna

1 x Fan Cable

2 x Universal Car Frames

1 x User Manual

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