• Highlights:

    • These sunshades are made of high quality perforated fabrics to ensure the best results.

    • They are used for protecting our car interior from direct sun rays that affect your visibility during driving.

    • Ideal for infants and toddlers whose skins are more sensitive to sun rays and can prevent sun burns and redness of skin.

    • These magnetic sunshades helps in keeping the interior cool during hot weather.

    • There wont be heavy load on the car AC since sunshades keep car cabin temperature relatively down.

    • Sunshades are 100% custom made to suit the particular car model.

    • No tool is required to install these sunshades - these have in built magnets which adhere to the metallic frame around the windows.

    • Since these sunshades sticks to the window frame and not on the glasses, you can open and close the windows without removing the sun shades.


    • Will be suitable for the specific car mentioned

    • Cannot be used for any other car models


    • The metallic frames could be slighty bent during courier and you may need to straighten it using slight pressure to ensure that all the magnets correctly touches the window frame.
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