• This automated four door power window system rolls up the open windows of car one by one when the lock command is triggered by the owner. It works only in car variants having in built power windows and central lock. After the car is locked by remote, the system will automatically check whether all the window are closed properly or not and close all those opened windows. There will be no effect on already closed windows.


    • Automatically rolls the open windows of cars when the lock command is triggered

    • Available for 4 door and 2 door OEM power windows

    • 12 Months manufacturer warranty 

    • Coupler to coupler installation, does not require any tampering with original wiring of the car

    • Car warranty will not be affected

    Package Includes:

    • 1 Control Module

    • 1 Wiring Harness

    • Wiring Diagram

    • Warranty Card


    • Professional installation highly recommended

    • One coupler is connected to the power windows and other to the central lock system

    • Approximate Installation time - 20 to 25 minutes

    • Approximate Installation labor charge - 300


    • Suitable only for the mentioned car model

    • Suitable only if there is central locking function (with remote key)


    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    • On site warranty also available depending on cities


    • Depends on availability at the time of order

    • All the kits sold by Hotcar will be branded and would have 1 year warranty

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