Hotcar is committed to deliver the best products and shopping experience to you. However, sometimes because of the scale of operation, a few exceptional unfortunate cases do happen, including mishandling by the courier services. By any means you feel dissatisfied with the product or delivery, kindly inform us for an appropriate resolution. We will try our best to replace the product to your satisfaction and if that is not possible because of some operational constraint then we will provide a full or partial refund as per the requirement.

As we try to provide car accessories at competitive prices than shops & other websites, we always face rivalries from some sources. Any kind of forgery including false reviews, irrelevant returns, repeated order cancellations, rejection of COD orders, return of a different product than the one ordered, warranty claims on working products, changing warranty dates, keeping freebies and returning the product, partial returns, etc. shall be liable for charges including processing charges, courier charges & may lead to suspension of the account. Hotcar reserves the right to change or modify terms & conditions related to all information provided on this page.

We accept replacement of all our product(s) if damaged in transit or in case of wrong or defective products. The return courier charges of the product will be paid by us in such a scenario. The customer needs to send us the full unboxing video of the package for clarification. This policy applies to both regular and customized products.

Since we deal in both Readymade and Customized Products, our replacement policies are different for both.


A1. Damaged Packing:

Our suppliers ensure safe packaging of all the products sold by them. In exceptional cases, damage to the packaging occurs due to mishandling by the courier services. In case you have received your order with the outer packaging heavily tampered/meddled/crushed, please DO NOT ACCEPT the package, instead capture pictures of the same and share it with us at the earliest. Hotcar shall not accept the return or refund of any products that come in this category in case the customer accepts a damaged package and claims replacement.

A2. Damaged or Missing Products:

Online shops always face tight competition from retail shops and hence most of the return policies are misused by many people, distributors, shopkeepers, etc. We request all our buyers to keep a FULL UNBOXING VIDEO of the package(s). The video should contain the full unboxing process from the outer pack in good condition to the damages or missing parts in the product(s) without any kind of edits. Without the video, we shall not be in a position to accept the return and replacement.

A3. Non-Functioning Products:

Usually, all products are checked before dispatch. In rare cases, if the product is defective, we will replace the product under the following conditions:

Condition of product and package - The product(s) to be returned must be unused and in their original condition. The original tags, additional items, warranty cards (if any), and the original packaging should be intact. Those products which are hard packed or sealed, if opened/unpacked shall not be refunded or replaced (like perfumes & paints). Defective product(s) must be brought to our notice within 48 hours after the delivery. 

Used/Broken/Tampered: We shall not be able to accept a product if it shows sign of being used, broken or tampered with by the customer or the return courier. The buyer has the responsibility to pack the product safely, so that it does not get damaged in return shipping.


B1. Custom made orders once placed (including all floor mats, custom made headlights or taillights or any items particularly made on order) cannot be cancelled or refunded within the normal delivery time period of 8 to 15 working days. In case the customer wants to cancel a customised order, a processing charge (minimum Rs.1000) and shipping/return shipping charges (if any) shall be deducted depending on the order value. A full refund of the product is possible if the customer finds another buyer for the same product.

B2. The refund shall be initiated only in case any of our suppliers fails to deliver the package even a week after the delivery time, product is not as mentioned or the product is damaged in transit. The reason for these processing charges is that customised orders are made particularly for one customer and such products are difficult to resell if the order is cancelled.


C1. Kindly ensure safe packing while returning any product. We won't be able to entertain any damage/lost in return transit (For example: If a complaint was raised for Wrong Product Delivery and the sent item got damaged or lost in the return courier, then we will not be responsible for the damage and eventually may not be in a position of replacement for the original one as well). The product must be packed in the same way as it was delivered to prevent any theft or damages in the return courier. We use third party courier services for shipping depening on the pin codes and those pickup or delivery staffs are not related to us.


C2. If the product(s) doesn’t have any issues, but still the buyer needs to return it, we shall initiate the refund the remaining amount after deducting both ways courier charges and packing charges (if any). This is applicable to UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS only.

Car specific products shall be REPLACED with a new piece if delivered in damaged condition, not as mentioned or non functional. The full unboxing video is mandatory for any damages or missing products.


D1. All the products listed on our website are provided by multiple suppliers from various locations. Products covered under warranty shall be replaced/repaired with mutual consent of the customer and the supplier under the following conditions:

• The product should have all the original parts/accessories along with it

• The product should be in original condition without external damages

• Any tampering of warranty seal/stickers will void the warranty

• Any repairing/servicing from other sources will void the warranty

• The warranty card/invoice needs to be produced during claims

• The customer bears the return courier charges

• Other warranty policies mentioned on the product/warranty card

Both way shipping charges shall be borne by us if the product is defective (irrespective of the number of warranty claims). In case the product is working fine, defect is due to imporoper installation or warranty claims is fake, the courier charges shall be collected from the customer.

In case the customer want to return a product having warranty (within return period), both way courier charges shall be collected from the customer. If replacement is required within warranty perod, no extra charges will be collected.


E1. Most car accessories (both online and offline) don’t come with a warranty. Some products like floor mats, armrests, claddings and cleaning products are all for physical use and require no warranty. Some other products like small LED or decoration lights will not have any type of warranty. Any non functioning products shall be immediately brought to our notice within 1 to 2 days after the delivery. We shall replace it with a new one.

For instance, an electrical or electronic product without warranty needs to be checked before installation. If there are any issues, we shall replace the product with a new one. If the products shows some error after installation, there could be some issues in installation or wiring and we shall not be liable for such issues.


F1. Hotcar reserves all the rights to refuse any cancel any order for any reason. The situation may include cancelling the order due to unavailability of the product/colour/size, quantity of order, delivery of non-serviceable pin code or error in pricing information. We shall also cancel the orders in case the delivery address is incomplete or the ordered product is not suitable for the car model entered by the customer.


G1. Hotcar reserves all rights to accept or reject any cancellation request in any case. If we receive the request for cancellation and the order has not been processed, we will initiate the 100% refund. Refunds will usually take 3 to 7 working days depending on banks.

However, if the order is already processed up by courier companies, we shall not be able to cancel that order. In such cases, we accept returns if the customer bears the packing charges and both way courier charges.


H1. If the courier/package is damaged…

In case the courier pack is heavily damaged/opened/crushed in the case of fragile items, please do not accept or open the package. Click pictures of the package and send us a mail on within 48 hours after delivery.

H2. If I receive a defective product...

In case you have received a defective/ damaged product from our side then please keep a full unboxing video of the package and send us a mail on within 48 hours after delivery. We shall initiate the return/replacement of the product.

H3. If I have received a wrong product…

In case you have received a wrong product from our side then please keep a full unboxing video of the package and send us a mail on within 48 hours after delivery. We shall initiate the return/replacement of the product.

H4. If I have received the correct product but fitting is improper…

All the products listed on our site have proper descriptions for each product including pictures and/or videos. All car-specific products will suit the particular model. In the case of universal items, there may be exceptional vehicles in which they cannot be installed easily. For instance, a universal armrest is suitable for almost all cars, except in some cars in which the power window switch is located at the central console. In such cases, customers are supposed to ensure proper fitting before buying. You may contact us for any queries before the purchase. We shall check for the compatibility of the product and inform you soon. In other cases, Hotcar shall not be liable for the replacement or refund of such products.


Genuine online sellers are committed to provide replacements or refunds for any products which are not as mentioned or delivered damaged. This policy is misused by a few buyers by keeping the new product(s) & returning a used or damaged one. The full unboxing video of the package is to ensure that the wrong or damaged product(s) is/are delivered from our side. The video shall not be edited and should clearly mention any damages, missing parts or other complaints. Later complaints or any issues that are not mentioned in the video shall not be entertained. We humbly request all our clients to keep a unboxing video soon after the delivery.



I1. Any discounts provided on the total cart value will be equally divided between the total number of product(s). Refunds will be initiated accordingly. For instance, a customer places an order for two products and the discount on cart value is Rs.400, the discount is calculated as Rs.200 per product. Any refunds will be initiated on the basis of this calculation.


J1. Any other external factors shall affect the delivery of the package. In such cases, we shall inform the buyer before shipping the product(s).