Universal Luxury Armrest with USB Mobile Charging Ports - Beige

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We would love to say that this is the best armrest money can buy. With 2 storage spaces, mobile charging ports and much more, this luxury armrest hosts loads of new features that ordinary ones lack.

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  • Premium quality cushion and leather for resting your arms

  • Wider cushion that can be shared by front 2 passengers

  • Adjustable top layer to suit any driving position

  • 3 litre large storage space for holding items

  • 2 USB mobile charging ports for front passengers

  • 4 USB mobile charging ports for rear passengers

  • 1 cup or bottle holder at the rear

  • 1 coin box or ashtray at the rear

  • Note : In case the 6 USB model is not available during dispatch, the same model armrest with 2 USB ports at the rear (total of 4 USB ports) will be dispatched. Other designs, dimensions & quality will remain the same.


  • Weight - 2.30 kg

  • Colours - Black & Beige


  • Installation can be done at any garage or by self within 10 minutes

  • Push both the front seats to the front and install it from the rear side

  • The lower clamp or bracket can be stretched between 5 and 8 inches

  • Mount the clamp on to the central console & tighten using China screws on both sides

  • Slide the armrest from behind over the clamp sleeves

  • Connect the USB cable in to the your car charger

  • Installation video -


The product comes with a USB cable. It needs to be plugged in to the car charger directly. No wire cutting or tampering required.


  • Will suit all cars that have parallel faces on the sides of the central console and whose width is between 5 and 8 inches and there is sufficient free space of 6 inches behind the hand brake.

  • Since some seat covers are thicker, we request to make sure that there is 5.5 inches gap between the seats (at the height where armrest needs to be installed)

  • In some cars with irregular central consoles, extra fitment like metal plates are mounted on the sides for perfect fitment. It is usually done at any garages.

  • Cannot be installed in some cars whose power window switches are mounted on the central console.


Returns accepted only if the product is damaged on delivery. We do not accept returns if the product does not match the car. Please refer to the last image in this page for dimensions.

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  • avatar
    by Omkar on Aug 08, 2019

    Perfect fit for my dzire. looks elegant too,

  • avatar
    by parekh on Jul 19, 2019

    First time seeing a armrest with mobile charger. Brought for my etios taxi. needed to fit from the inside of console base. now my passenger can charge their phones at the back. big thanks hotcar.

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