BMW Type Car Armrest with USB Mobile Charging Ports

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One of the best value for money armrests in the market today. With huge storage space, mobile charging ports and much more, this BMW type split luxury armrest hosts loads of new features that ordinary ones lack.

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  • Premium quality cushion and leather for resting your arms

  • Wider cushion that can be shared by front 2 passengers

  • BMW model one press split open mechanism

  • 3 litre large storage space for holding items

  • USB mobile charging ports for passengers

  • 1 cup or bottle holder at the rear

  • 1 coin box or ashtray at the rear


  • Weight - 2.50 kg

  • Colours - Black & Beige


  • Installation can be done at any car garages for minimum labour charges

  • Need to tighten using screws on both sides (some cars require extra fittings)


  • One USB inlet port needs to be plugged in to the car charger.

  • No wire cutting or tampering required.


  • Will suit all cars that have parallel faces on the sides of the central console and whose width is between 5 and 8 inches and there is sufficient free space of 6 inches behind the hand brake.

  • Make sure that there is 5.5 inches gap between the seats (at the height where armrest needs to be installed). This armrest will not suit smaller cars like Alto, Santro Xing, etc. since the gap is below 5.5 inches in thes cars.

  • In some cars with irregular central consoles, extra fitment like metal plates are mounted on the sides for perfect fitment. It is usually done at any garages. Eg - Etios, Liva, etc.

  • Cannot be installed in some cars whose power window switches are mounted on the central console.

  • Send us the clear pictures of car's central console from top & rear angle in case of any doubts regarding compatability.


  • Design and stitch colour can slightly vary depending on market trend and availability.
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  • avatar
    by SINOJ VARGHESE on Jun 05, 2021

    Stitching is black, not red. Otherwise good, multifunctional arm rest. all features are useful.

  • avatar
    by Leeju on Apr 25, 2021

    Got black stitching instead of red. Rest all good.

  • avatar
    by Allen Mathew on Aug 20, 2020

    Its a great product, fit and finish is superb, its a premium armrest with usb ports for mobile charging. We can charge 5 mobiles at a time. We can install it ourself without any technician support. Totally happy with the product

  • avatar
    by Ashwin S on Oct 13, 2019


  • avatar
    by Vaibhav Sharma on Sep 29, 2019

    Its bigger than other armrests. Installed in my IGNIS. Looks great and is comfortable.

  • avatar
    by Joseph Kuruvila on Sep 09, 2019

    Perfect for new amaze. Weight is around 3 kg and of heavy quality..

  • avatar
    by rakesh on Jul 20, 2019

    perfect fit... love it

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