Universal Car Fog Lights - With Full Wiring Harness & Switch (Multiple Cars)

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Since fog lights illuminate the ground directly in front of your vehicle, they really have two uses. The first is the intended use, which is to cut down on glare in very poor visibility and allow you to slowly proceed to your destination. The other is to see what is on the ground immediately in front of your vehicle under normal visibility conditions since main beam headlights typically leave a large void space between the front of a vehicle and the place where the beam actually hits the road surface.

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Fog lights comes into play during poor visibility conditions caused by rain, fog, snow, or even during excessive amount of dust in the air. If find yourself driving in a condition of poor visibility, and your high beams reflect back at you, causing a glare or dazzle effect, you should avoid using your high beams and use the fog lights instead.


  • All the fog lights we deal meets or exceeds OE standards

  • Products that are known for durability and perfomance

  • Perfect fit for the mentioned car(s) and model(s)

  • In built ventillation to prevent fogging

  • Comes with pre installed bulbs

  • Comes with direct plug in sockets

  • All the lights are checked before dispatch


  • Similar colour, shape, size, brightness and power as specified by the OE manufacturer

  • Maximum load - 12V, 55W

Pack Includes:

  • 2 Fog Lamps

  • Wiring Kit

  • Fuse & Switch


  • Can be installed at any car garage or accessories shops

  • Average installation charges - Rs.300 to Rs.400


  • Slight adjustment of clamps are required in some cars
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    by santhosh on Feb 27, 2020

    value for money product, delivery is a bit disappointing (delivery boy is not coming, instead calling us to collect from branch). Fog lights and relay are of decent quality and performs well

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