Maruti Ignis - LED Door Sill Scuff Plates - Acrylic

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Door sill plates are primarily intended to prevent the scratching of paint at the footsteps of the car. With advancement of technology, now it comes with LED strips bearing the car name which basically aids while stepping in or out at the dark while also adding a sleek and luxury touch to your car. The LED letters will have your car model name which illuminates when the doors are open.

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  • Door sill plates primarily protect the interior door sills from scratches

  • LED letters (your car name) lits up when the doors are opened

  • Useful while stepping in and out during the dark

  • Easy and quick installation - can be done at any garages

  • Gives your car a classy and elegant look


  • Check all the four pieces & make sure that all LEDs are working.

  • Remove the lower door rubber beadings

  • Connect the sill plates to the roof light wiring.

  • Clean the surface, remove the adhesive tape film and paste them firmly

  • Put back the rubber beadings without tampering the wires

Package Includes:

  • 2 Bigger pieces - for front doors

  • 2 Smaller pieces -  for rear doors

  • 8 Scotch Locks (for installing these)


  • We do not recommend these for brand new cars under warranty since these are not socket to socket connection

  • Design lines (near the car name) can slightly change depending on availability.

  • Please check all the LEDs before installation. Installed products cannot be returned.

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